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The Barony of Delftwood proudly welcomes you all to take part in the Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this Labor Day Weekend (August 30 through September 2, 2019) at A Shoote in the Wildwood! All are encouraged to bear witness as the bravest culinary minds in the kingdom create medieval dishes to inspire and delight us all!

Cooks of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to participate by joining a team – each consisting of one head cook, one assistant cook, and one archer. While we do encourage that you let us know in advance of your intentions to join in, teams will be allowed to register until 3:00 PM on Saturday if you are on site.

The tournament officially begins at 3:30 PM on Saturday,  when the archers for each team, under the watchful eye of our archery coordinator and gamekeeper, Meadbh ni Clerigh, will have the chance to acquire some choice ingredients for their teams to use the following day during the cooking portion of the tournament. *

On Sunday, all cooks and their assistants who have registered to compete will gather on our culinary battleground to create a delectable assortment of dishes that meet this year’s thematic assignment and logistical challenges while our judges and spectators look on.

Spectators and supporters will be allowed to join us on the tournament grounds between 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM. We ask, however, that everyone be respectful of the cooks and the judges, and if they indicate that they are not available to interact with the populace, that this request be honored. We also ask that all spectators be mindful that there will be items that are hot and sharp in constant motion, and that you do your part to keep the environment safe for everyone. Once the bell rings at 2:30 PM that indicates all cooking is over, anyone who has not been asked to judge must vacate the premises. They may return to the grounds at 4:00 PM, once judging is over. If the cooks are so inclined at this time, they may share their creations with the rest of the populace.

The Cast Iron Chef champions — and any other prizes to be given out —  will be announced and awarded during evening court on Sunday. If a team is not able to stay, please make sure that contact information for each person has been included on your team’s registration paperwork.

We are looking forward to seeing you all around our fire as we celebrate our fifth year of encouraging Fellowship Through Food!


* We understand a LOT is going on Saturday, and that this shoot may conflict with another activity that a team’s archer is participating in. If this is the case, please contact Lijsbet, Sabastian, and Meadbh as soon as possible so that we can discuss appropriate accommodations for your team.

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