About Cast Iron Chef

Our Mission

The Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament is hosted annually by the SCA Barony of Delftwood at the event, “A Shoot In The Wildwood,” which is traditionally held over the Labor Day weekend near Syracuse, NY.

Each year, we invite cooks of all experience levels to create “period-plausible” meals over an open fire, using only the ingredients provided to them by the tournament.

While the format of the tournament changes each year in order to keep things fresh and unexpected, the overall mission of Cast Iron Chef remains constant:

1) To allow SCA cooks a venue in which they can creatively demonstrate their base knowledge and understanding of ingredients; flavors; culinary practices; and the food and dining cultures present during the time periods and geographic locations that fall within the SCA’s area of focus.
2) To encourage fellowship among SCA cooks through their common love of food and historical cooking.
3) To provide an environment that encourages participants to learn and grow as food historians and/or SCA event cooks, regardless of their skill and experience levels.