Our Core Guidelines

Welcome to the

Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament!

Regardless of each year’s new and unique challenge, there are several rules that will remain constant no matter what. These provide the framework for the signature Cast Iron Chef competition structure:

  1. All cooking must be done on site and during the allotted time frame.
  2. Some aspects of the competition will be determined by the performance of your archer in our archery competition.
  3. In addition to an archer, a head cook may also opt to enlist an assistant to help them prepare the dishes they will present to the judges.
  4. No personal grills or separate cooking fires such as an above-ground fire pit will be permitted. All competitors must use the common cooking area provided by the organizers.
  5. The only ingredients cooks are permitted to use are those provided to them as part of the tournament. Absolutely NO other ingredients may be brought in by the contestants unless it is expressly stated in the tournament announcement.

We do like to change the goals and challenges that cooks must meet from year to year. It keeps everyone on their toes and keeps the tournament fresh and exciting for everyone! For details about what participants should expect for Cast Iron Chef 2019, visit our What’s New This Year page!