Archery Shoot Details

Beasts are plaguing the local farmers in the Village of Wilde-Wode! Bears, deer, all are causing grief to livestock and crops, and YOU, dear archers have been hired to relieve the farmers of these vermin!

You enter the woods to take on this quest and have one arrow at each animal — after that the animal spooks and runs away. Depending on your speed and accuracy in felling one of these pests, the farmers are prepared to reward you for your efforts in the form of precious cuts of meat from their own stores, or from the hunt once they have cleaned and prepared the animals accordingly.

Any archers who are able to take down one of these creatures without spooking it or the others away will be rewarded with their choice of ingredients from their Land-Lord’s reserve larder.

If an archer is only able to wound one of the beasts, the farmers have agreed to allow for a portion of their own pork or fowl livestock to be prepared for their reward, dependent on the severity of the wound to the vermin beast.

If a poor archer, though skilled and hard working as they undoubtedly are, is unable to successfully outsmart one of these pests, and returns to the village with no trophy to show for their efforts, the farmers will allow the archers to retreat with one of their recently-slaughtered roosters who proved to be too aggressive and problematic for their hens.

However successful archers are during this hunt will determine the course of action for their cooks for the next day’s tournament. More detailed instructions will be given prior to the start of the hunt, so archers should plan to arrive prior to the 3:30 PM start time on Saturday to receive their charge from our archery coordinator and the gameskeeper to the Village of Wilde-Wode, Meadbh ni Clerigh (FB Messenger). Prior to that, any and all questions regarding this shoot should be directed to her.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend, and wish you all the best of luck on your hunt!