What To Bring

We regret to report that Cast Iron Chef is still not backed by an eccentric billionaire with no heirs or beneficiaries, and an affinity for local amateur historical food competitions. Until that day comes, there are some items that we are unable to provide, and must ask cooks to bring their own from home to use during the tournament.

After several years of planning and running Cast Iron Chef, we have compiled the following list of supplies and equipment that teams are allowed to bring and use during the tournament.



If you bring nothing else with you to the tournament, make sure you have these with you.

  • Kitchen Knives – Cast Iron Chef cannot guarantee the presence or quality of knives in supply.
  • Cookware – Cast iron or ceramic that is appropriate for open fire cooking.



While not necessary for success, having these items on hand can impact your personal comfort and your overall performance during the tournament.

  • Day Shade – The tournament area does not have a lot of natural shade. A 10’x10’ or 12’x12’ pop-up is recommended.
  • Heat-Proof Gloves – For handling your hot cookware in and around the fire.
  • Favorite Prep Tools and Utensils – We understand that a cook’s tools can be essential to their success; therefore, if you have any tools you prefer to work with (a favorite spoon, spatula, or whisk, for example), feel free to bring them.
  • Camp Chair – The event site does have folding metal chairs which may be used in an emergency; however, if you have your own chair, please bring it.
  • Serving Dishes, Utensils, and Linens – Presentation matters in Cast Iron Chef! A limited supply of utilitarian items are available to serve your final presentation dishes in, but their quality and quantity is not assured.
  • A Notebook and Pen – If you really like your dish, write down the recipe!
  • A Cup – Hydration is incredibly important. There will be water available for all Cast Iron Chef participants while the tournament is going on.
  • Non-Latex Prep Gloves – If your hands run very small or very large, we may not have the correct size gloves for you in the pantry.
  • A Camera – Take photos of your work and of you having fun doing it! Then, post them to the Cast Iron Chef Facebook page!